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God Is

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My new book, "God Is: Exploring the Nature of the Biblical God," is now available:

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First three chapters in PDF format

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"God Is: Exploring the Nature of the Biblical God" is my third book. The book takes a look at how the Bible presents God as well as how other people view God. Here's a description:

What would you think if I told you I am omniscient; that I know everything there is to know, and all of it is absolutely true? I dare say you would think me to be a liar or deluded. You would probably respond that no human is omniscient. And I would respond that you are absolutely correct. All humans are limited in their knowledge of truth. We are all finite beings making our way in a cosmos that is often beyond our comprehension. For this reason it is important for all of us to dialog with one another, sharing our ideas, our ‘truths’, and our understanding of the Universe. Many people throughout history have claimed to have revealed knowledge others lacked. In some cases, people have been thought to possess special knowledge even when they themselves made no such claim. The ones that immediately come to mind are religious and philosophical leaders and writers, but that is not the only source of such people. In my home country, the United States of America, the predominant source of truth for a majority of citizens is the Bible. Yet, the 66 books comprising this compilation were written by men. Flawed, non-omniscient men. As a Christian many years ago, I began to question many of the beliefs of my fellow believers. Upon studying the Bible extensively, I concluded that much of what the authors of the Bible believed about God simply didn’t make sense to me. I also saw that many current day Christians believed things about God that the Bible didn’t even teach. Eventually, my studies led me to understand that the Bible contains the words of men, not the words of God. This prompted me to write “God Is”. In it I explain in detail the many concerns I have. Whether you are a skeptic, a believer, or somewhere in between, I believe this book contains thoughts about the Bible that perhaps you have never considered. I hope the ideas presented spark discussions about the nature of God. It is my desire that this will help us all come one step closer to Truth.

Sample of First Three Chapters (PDF)

Amazon Kindle (eBook)

Amazon (Print)

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