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My new book, "God Is: Exploring the Nature of the Biblical God," is now available:

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I was inspired to write this program after reading Michael Drosnin's best-selling book The Bible Code. In this book Mr. Drosnin claims that the Hebrew Bible contains hidden messages and warnings about the recent past, the present, and the future. These messages are hidden as Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS). In other words, the hidden messages consist of Hebrew letters that appear a set number of letters apart in the text of the Bible.

ASCIICode finds ELSs in English character texts. An ASCII file can be loaded and user specified words searched for in the text. All occurrences are listed. The text can then be displayed in a grid based on the spacing of the characters in one instance of a found search word known as the keyword. The keyword is highlighted in the grid. The program's other features include multiple search words, text filtering, saving of filtered or gridded text, manual highlighting, and more.

This zip file contains all the runtime files you will need, so there is no need to download another file. The program runs under Windows 95 and higher. The Windows standard setup is used for installation. There is a free evaluation period of 30 days. The shareware fee is $20 if you decide to continue using it. Registering ASCIICode entitles you to free upgrades forever.


  • ASCIICode v1.00 received a 5-duck (of 6) rating from NONAGS Web site.


Download File Size Price Registration
ASCIICode v1.00 2.01 MB $20