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My new book, "God Is: Exploring the Nature of the Biblical God," is now available:

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RKA Productions is owned and operated by Randy C. Finch. Randy is a chemical engineer by training. Although still classified an engineer in his day job, he now works mostly with computers doing programming and database development. As part of RKA Productions, he was heavily involved in creating software for the Amiga computer and writing articles for Amiga magazines. He also wrote an Amiga column for a generic computer magazine for two years. Between his regular job and RKA Productions, he has had over 60 articles published in journals, magazines, and conference proceedings. Since 1996, RKA Productions has been almost exclusively involved in creating shareware for the Windows platform.

Randy has also published several books.

Randy's personal Web site: http://www.rcfinch.com

Randy's photography Web site: http://www.rkaphotography.com

General Information: webmaster@rkaproductions.com